About Me

Hello, I’m Omar!

Hai everyone, my name is Omar Abdullah Muslat Al Ajmi.

I started to learn about SEO in 2016. I created my first blog with a blogger platform. And from that time, I think this is very interesting and have the potential for my career. So yeah I keep learning, make an article, read the article about SEO, everyday sit down in front of my AMD A4 old PC and so much struggle every day. But I keep trying.

Time flies so fast. 3 years later, in April 2019 I graduated from my senior high school. 3 months later I applied for a job to become an SEO Specialist for a digital marketing agency from Amsterdam, which has an office in Bali. I still very well remember the first sentence that was said by the director of the company when I was interviewed “I don’t care if you graduated from high school or anything, the most important thing here is that you can do your duties and responsibilities.” More or less.

After that, I was accepted at the company until now. The company that I consider as my own family. From that moment I began to really explore the world of SEO and digital marketing.

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