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Since 2016, i was woking with SEO for my own blog. From there i learn anything that related to SEO and digital marketing. And in 2019, for the first time i working on Digital Marketing Agency from Amsterdam.

I also open JV Adsense service for helping publisher that want to join Google AdSense program so they can earn money from their website/blog.

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If i can say what mostly my life it is, i will say: SEO and Digital Marketing.



Since 2016 I'm working on SEO for my blog. And in 2019 for the first time i working on a Digital Marketing Agency from Amsterdam. Now it becomes my life to be working on SEO.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Some people say SEO is bridge between Developer, Designer, and Digital Marketing Consultant. So i also learn how manage brand with digital marketing strategy.



I like everything about nature. Hiking, camping, travelling, forest, and much more about nature. You can read all my adventure story at CarrierStory.com.

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Pondok Modern Arrisalah

Pondok Modern Arrisalah


Kami meminta bantuan mas Omar untuk mendeveloper website. Supportnya bagus, sampai sekarang kadang juga nanya-nanya tetap dilayani.

Muhammad Ilyas

Muhammad Ilyas


Saya sudah sejak awal tahun 2020 menjadi mitra JV AdSense di omarabdullah.id. So far nyaman sih, bisa konsultasi SEO juga, selain itu ratenya juga lumayan, dan pembayaran on-time.

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